Why do people say shit like this?

So it just started to hail outside. Cue the normal “Oh, is that hail?” outside? The answer was, obviously yes.

Then one guy said “oH, they’ll be shutting primary schools left right and centre!”

So what is the point of this bit of commentary?

  • He is railing against HSE culture
  • He is railing against the idea that schools are playgrounds for nanny state nonsense
  • He is just pretending to be a un-PC dicksplash
  • He thought it was funny
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  • if you chat enough shit eventually you’ll get 22 likes for something

‘A light snowfall and this country grinds to a halt’

people probably say this because they want the warm feeling of social acceptance and presumed other people will feel similarly

and @xylo’s reason too


Rain - “Nice weather… For ducks!”
Snow - “Nice weather… For polar bears or penguins!”
Sun - “Nice weather… For camels!”
Wind - “Nice weather… For old-timey sailors!”

Hail - “Nice weather… For ???”

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Hail - Nice weather for snails

Linguistically satisfying and also an observation on the weather endurance of their handy hard shells


Those spiders who freeze in the upper atmosphere and then drop down to earth and thaw

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Who are they!?

Moles - happily underground


Of course.


I don’t get this one I’m afraid

No, nor do I upon reflection.

I think I got confused with…

Reign - nice weather for Kings and Queens.


Ah! That’s quite good.

I guess “Heil - Nice weather for… Hitler?” is probably something?


Just ‘health and safety gone mad/not like in my day’ bullshit innit

On a side note, there’s some pretty disturbing dashcam footage on YouTube of people driving through proper golf ball/baseball sized hail and getting their windows smashed in

Fun stuff

“Chat shit, get likes” as the famous saying goes


He is a child catcher and disappointed that today will be especially slow.

It’s weird how you pick up go-to weather-related chatter as you get a bit older. Mine’s probably (blows cheeks) ‘bit fresh, i’nt it?’.

My all-time favourite, think it’s probably a Yorkshire thing originally is, on an overcast day ‘Eeeeeh, it’s dark ovver Bill’s mothers again’.

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East Midlands represent.

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