Why do people spit?


I mean in the street and, in the case of men, in the urinal while having a piss.

Gives me the shudders at the best of times but honestly. What are they eating? I don’t recall having a bad taste in my mouth normally. Does a large part of the population walk around with bursting pustules inside their mouths?


excess of saliva in their mouth


Is this the thursday filth thread?


Thoroughly disgusting habit. There is really no need for it (unless you’re chewing tobacco).




At the urinal thing makes me wonder, cos I caught myself doing it just t’other day. Wonder if it’s evolutionary (or whatever). Never felt an urge to spit when sat on the john doing the 1s and 2s, but at the trough… dunno. Is it an aiming thing?


Start? @Jeremys_Iron has already finished and now we have a dilemma.




There’s always quite a mess whenever Jezza finishes


WHY?! Why though?


best place for it tbh tbf


better out than in


need to spit occasionally when cycling, otherwise I may drown in my own saliva.


Some of you soft lads need to check your cultural privilege.


I blame footballers


some of the things i do on a bicycle would disgust the average person

use your imagination


Yeah I empty my nose all the time and it’s grim as fuck.


I always get a really dry mouth when running/playing football or whatever so never need to spit personally


it’s fun and makes you feel like a big man


^lycra wanker