Why do people want to sit on low chairs that rock to play video games?

You know, this shite?


To get to the other side!


They don’t, they’re just especially prone to spending shedloads of cash on shite they don’t need because they’re told to

My wife doesn’t want to watch me play Zelda of an evening. She’s quite firm on this.

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Really waiting for @Yesiamaduck before I can shut this down.

I don’t play games much but I do quite like the idea of sitting that close to the floor.


Have you considered sitting on a blanket?



I have a gaming beanbag. It is quite low but it does not rock.

so many broken dreams :disappointed_relieved: Maybe they all completed the game?

Stick an AC/DC patch on it


How does the lowness assist? Is it good to look up? Does it exclude dogs from gaming?

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Reckon we could market a blanket with a headphone socket for about £500?

It doesn’t really, I just like sitting slightly closer to the TV while gaming and not have to lug a full size chair over. Dogs are not only allowed but encouraged to join my gaming.

Fit a couple of LED lights on it and call it RZR EXTRM 490X and you could easily get a grand for that.

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I gave my wife a blanket with a photo of me on it. Could use that.

Do you think that the technology is now there for people to convert their car into a game thing while it’s parked?

You could hit a switch that turns it into game mode and project a racetrack onto the windscreen and the controls for the car (steering wheel ET CETERA) become the game controls. Lots of sound effects through the car stereo.

This is the most guaranteed moneyspinner anyone has ever fucking thought of.

Imagine playing a tense boss level whilst reclining (I get very stressed during games, I need to be perched)

And maybe Jumbo Jets could be turned into flight simulators?

Other than @ericthefourth who do you think is most likely to have one of these?