Why do short people make the shower head lower?


Surely it suits everyone fine to have it at a height high enough for the taller showerer to fit under it comfortably. #hottopic


The power essential dissipates the further you are from the shower head


The real question is why anybody leaves it holstered.

You wouldn’t wash your car, or water your garden by standing in one position with the hose, would you?


? yes almost certainly i am very lazy.


Hmm. I find my body is slightly more manoeuverable than my VW lt35 to be honest.


The water gets colder the longer its out of the shower so its colder down there than it is up there


Why don’t tall people just bend their knees in the shower and shut the fuck up and relive all those glorious gigs where they got to see something for more than 27% of the time. #typicalangryshortperson

Also: tall should be long, or there should be another word for short that’s the opposite of tall. #tallwordprivilege


your boyfriend must be truly mountainous


I think the opposite of tall is short wza. Some words have multiple meanings.


I don’t like how you’ve refused to engage with the sensible and correct answer in the first reply


Even so, by removing the shower head from the holder you can get much better coverage and achieve better results.


I wash my legs / feet when I shower:

  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

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I feel this is discriminatory against bathtub/curtain showerers


I don’t


He is the same height as me


Good lad. If Ant doesn’t need to then I don’t see why anyone else would.


“Sometimes” and “Rarely” are pretty much the same option. Splitters!


My wife does this because she is tiny.

There is good reason for this. Because most times when she showers she doesn’t wash her hair, if she puts the shower head lower down then this allows the water to come out more strongly at shoulder height and thus not getting her hair wet.

I think she should return the shower head to its previous position after use. She doesn’t. Haven’t yet got het up about this but it’s only a matter of time I reckon.


I am a bath showerer…


He’s a whopper, for sure.