Why do Swedish warships have bar codes on the sides?


don’t ask me, I have no ikea


It’s quite the thing, isn’t it?


Julmust be very proud of yourself, Smee!


Julian Lee does appear to be the original writer of this joke.


It was a real ulrika moment for smee when he thought of this zinger


This is worse than just joke theft. This is high Larsson-y


don’t think i know enough abba sweden to make a joke like that


The February version works better, imho.


Hopefully the captain doesn’t hit an iceberg, otherwise Helsinki


haven’t seen one of these classic markeeisms in a while


I think you know Morten enough



are you quite Finnished?


Fucking hell I’ve been made a fool of here. Really wish I was one of the guys who could reel off a potted history of joke writing disputes without googling :frowning:


Legitimately excellent joke that I hadn’t heard before. Thank you, Smee.


Yes, I too had not heard this joke before.


I heard it because I wrote it over 20 years ago


Alright Theo, let’s not all jack our dicks off too quickly eh.


I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal that I have heard this joke multiple times in the past, around 2012 mainly, and have been shaking my head at it ever since.


I thought I was out Denmarckee pulls me back in