Why do Swedish warships have bar codes on the sides?


I dunno, if you’re going to steal a joke for likes on DiS, then maybe a quick bit of research isn’t an unreasonable expectation.



How can you steal something and not know it exists at the same time?




Check out this forum’s Kirstie Allsop here.


Theo, that doesn’t make sense.


can never tell how much marckee’s mark corrigan gimmick is just jokes and how much is actually how he is


marckee’s in so deep even he doesn’t know any more


still chuckling at this xylo! keep the smiles coming!!!



You’re deliberately trying to get a rise out of the forum by posting as if you’ve a bit of an issue with understanding how things actually are. Seems pretty bang on KA’s Twitter MO to me.


Again you’ve made a right mug of me there with that expectation that reasonable people will definitely agree with


seems impractical


Hang on

joke written: 2012.


Yeah, the original author of the joke got minimal retweets from it. The guy who stole it the other day got loads.


is it possible they came up with the same joke independently? or is their evidence it was stolen


evolution by natural selection - yes
shit twitter pun - absolutely no chance



srsly mate get a life


safety wink :wink: ofc


Quite a lot of weird typos ITT.