Why do Swedish warships have bar codes on the sides?


Dude, I’ve got a long way to go down before I start posting other people’s uncredited jokes for likes on an internet message board…

safety wink :wink: ofc


you editing bellend


single market access


anyone remember barcode battlers?


I do. They never really took off did they, you could on play one game on them couldn’t you?


Whatever happened to QR codes, eh?


yeah wasn’t much of a game either


I never did play it. You could get new characters when you scanned barcodes in, couldn’t you?



Marckee’s already seen something on Twitter…again.


Epimer don’t you work for the patents and copyright department, surely you can just look it up and solve the problem once and for all?


With great power comes great etc



I have had a great idea for stand up material, but with this hulabaloo about Smee’s joke its got me worried


I am googling everything before I say it now


How do you find the capital of the Swedish iron industry?

Go to the Öre, bro.
:self ban request:


Why was the lion who let the Scandinavian have a sleepover at their house annoyed?


Because the man tasted funny.


Nope he was messy and left a DENMARK


Which Scandinavian city has the largest amount of oxo cubes?