Why do we have bread bins?


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People are only now learning what bread bins are for and the reason will shock you


No idea. Bread could go anywhere you put food and free up some kitchen counter real estate. But no.

You wouldn’t use it if it was called a bread toilet would you?


So you can safely dispose of your bread


Cool dry place innit

Easier to just bung a dehumidifier in the fridge, though.


I Cant Poison Ivy GIF


So it can go mouldy in private


So that people can cover their roads in bread during periods of cold weather


There was a period of time where a lot of people would call each other “bread bin” which I think was a play on the Jamaican patois pronunciation of “breathren” and I always hated it.

Don’t know if that still happens but I hope not.

That’s my #breadbin chat for today.

Icy bread? Thaw you first!

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Can I shock you? We don’t have a bread bin

It’s allowed, mate. It’s not the sort of thing someone on here would lie about, like, say, not having a telly. It’s fine.

Never had one. But for the sake of tidyness in my riot of a kitchen i keep thinking about getting one but have never seen one that actually urges me to finally part with some cash.

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Got one but still have to keep bread items in the fridge as otherwise they mould in three days or so unless it’s January and totally freezing

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I going to assume this is a genuine question, and the answer is…

To keep bread in

Hope this helps!

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Because it’s convenient, filling, and high in energy. Also, please stop calling me Bins.


I always keep bread in the freezer. Most bread becomes toast so why not just toast from frozen?

If the bread just needs to be bread then thats fine too. It defrosts just so quickly guys, just so quick

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