Why do you support the team you support?

  • Geography
  • Family ties
  • One particular player
  • They were winning trophies at the time
  • Randomly chose them
  • Other (SPECIFY!)

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Keep it judgment-free please!

Mum and dad literally live half a mile from Selhurst Park.

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Stopped watching football when I discovered girls and music around 15ish. Started getting interested again when I was at uni but had no allegiances. John Peel died in October 2004 and I took on his team in tribute. (I know he’s problematic now)

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Plymouth Argyle are the nearest club to where I live (still 45 minutes away but still). When I was about 7 my best mate Paul started going to games with his godfather and then asked if I wanted to go. My first game was October 1992 and they won 2-0, which gave me a false sense of security. Just because of where I happened to have been born, I’ve endured 30 years of misery, disappointment and VERY occasionally joy. Wouldn’t change it for the world. My best mate Paul and I still go to Argyle together to this day.



When I was 7 years old there was a special offer at the supermarket where you would get free football themed pyjamas if you spent over x amount. My brother, being the older sibling, got first dibs and went for Feyenoord. Didn’t want to copy my brother so when it was my turn the obvious choice was Ajax. Never looked back.


When I first moved to London I lived in Highbury. It remains my local team to this day.


Hate Celtic and Rangers and liked Arsenal in football games. Found out about family ties further down the line.

Dad is from Wolvo, so that was that really.

I grew up a couple of miles from Villa Park and all my mates at primary school were Villa, so I flirted with the idea as a youngster. A few nights sleeping in the garage soon put me straight though.


Chelsea: My dad moved to west-london from Spain when he was a teenager and Chelsea were his local team (QPR might have been slightly closer thinking about it but anyway). Inherited that from him and we also lived relatively close to the ground (40 min drive?) so…yeah. suppose the other options were Brentford and Palace, Aldershot, but fuck em.

Depor: Lived in the area for times as a kid, runs in the family (my great grandma, cousins were/are big fans). remember asking for their shirt when I was like 4 or 5 after seeing one of my relatives wearing one which is one of my first football memories. just pretty much the local team everyone supports (the other being Celta) where my Spanish fam live.


Dad’s always supported them, plus one day Dean Austin (remember him? No of course you don’t, no one does) visited our primary school and after that everyone was a Spurs fan.


Born at the top of Sheepfoot Lane didn’t have a choice.

Parents both fans. Mum is still a season ticket holder.

Family are from the area/my dad supports them so I do too

because as the chant goes, Aston Villa are ‘by the far the greatest team the world has ever seen.’ Why then settle for second best


Would be a Palace fan based on birth location.
Dad’s a glory-hunting Liverpool fan (and Port Vale as he’s from there).
Loved Bobby Robson and loads of that team: Speed, Shearer, Solano particularly. No other ties to them, at all

gone over this elsewhere, but prior to meeting @Tuna for the first time, I imagined him to be:

  • Pure Tyneside, fog on the tyne type person
  • A Londoner
  • Neither of these things

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Because, quite simply I am forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air


Neither of my parents are interested in football at all, but my godfather introduced me to the game and he’s a Liverpool fan. Everyone else on my dad’s side of the family are Arsenal fans, but my godfather got there first.

Growing up, I lived in a West Ham area, then a Spurs area, so was one of the odd ones out in both places.

I have affection for the local smaller clubs wherever I’ve lived, so I look out for the results of Southend, Stevenage, Newcastle and Leyton Orient matches, too.

Blackburn Rovers

Mum was from the next town over so I started supporting them. My grandparents from that town were the first family to get me into a team I suppose. Otherwise it’d have been Chelsea (dad’s a fan) or Portsmouth (Grandpa was a fan and the closest team to where I grew up).

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Geography and history are the reasons I support the Argyle. My first match was a 0-0 draw with Hull, and I still went back. At one point my friend and I were even going to reserves matches every week (where I once got Tommy Tynan’s autograph). Don’t go very often at all these days thanks to living more than a hundred miles away and working pretty much every Saturday, but I still follow them. There have been some excellent moments, but by and large it’s been forty odd years of mediocrity or worse. Doesn’t matter though, I’m in it for life now.

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no one will like my post because it has Chelsea in it and I want you all to know that you’re bitter, jealous try-hards.

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