Why do you think there aren't more new posters getting involved? social board specific chat


the swearing? I mean, I enjoy and positively encourage swearing, but some folk just don’t dig this shit

the thought police/moral crusaders? some guy got banned the other day for saying an offensive word. didn’t read the whole thread, but seemed like an instant, no warning banning. maybe I’m wrong

other stuff?

Awkward/shitty/rubbish dates SSP?
Clear your mind and list the top three dissers that come in to your head

@1101010 ?


cause of threads like this just show how uncool this place really is


dear oh dear. I’m just opening up a debate. not need for a personal attack, is there. please contribute in a more positive manner next time, please


i think you all overestimate how amazing this place is. why would new people bother with the social board when 75% of it is boring/unfunny and twitter is cooler?


Er, link?


not sure how to find it, bud, anyway, the guy said that word beginning with re and ending in tard.


I see

The guy was clearly on some kind of power-trip windup. That whole Grimes thread is a disgrace of aggression with any user who isn’t 100% behind Grimes and then even when asked not to be prick the guy says he’s happy to be a prick, basically.


So it was @deep-blue!


To answer the thread’s question, I think there have been a fair few new users.

I actually think it’s hard to expect this forum to hold a lot of people’s attention, though. Most people are on FB or Twitter or both, so for them there’s a question of what discussing stuff here with strangers offers over doing the same thing on other Social Media platforms.

For us we know the users here so that adds something to the situation.


Don’t think that was proved at all and I doubt @plasticniki had the time or energy to view deep-blue’s IP addresses on the old site and compare to this Ace character. I think you’re only allowed one user account per IP anyway so as deep-blue is taken it may explain it all.

If it was about Garbage, maybe, but actually I would have expected deep-blue to apologise over the use of the ableism?

That sort of intense pro-fandom response isn’t really unique to deep-blue. I think what made his stand out was that he picked a band as bland and past it as Garbage to rally for. Grimes is much more current and more ‘expected’ as a focus of this kind of unreasoning fandom.

TL;DR, sorry.


Not at all Theodore, I found your post informative and witty.


aggpass suggested perhaps he’d like to edit his post so it wasn’t so offensive, and the guy declined

there’s like 2 mods here atm, and i can’t be doing with shit like this. using slurs like that is an insta-ban for me these days.

people need to play nicer. the old DiS was a proper cesspit at times


That was almost certainly deep-blue (Ace)


I dunno, I mean I’ve tried having conversations about stuff I find interesting like books or art or music or whatever (with a certain amount of bloodymindedness), but they always seem to fizzle out, and then you come back, and it’s just full of conversations that are just these guys, but without the laughs, and 10 years older, and allowed to work in an office now, but haven’t quit with the mum jokes. So I’m not so sure why I’ve bothered, because it will just get drowned out by the Mediocre Office Bro Chat about why they hate people eating the wrong crisps or pronouncing a word a certain way or something.

A Poll

Hey @plasticniki, can you please amend @Antpocalypsenow 's title to be ‘Mediocre Office Bro’. I would love that.


The fuck?


Sorry man, I meant this in jest, obviously :smiley:


But still…


I mean, say what you want about the quality of my content here but I have a relatively interesting job at least!