Why do you wear aftershave/perfume?



interesting question, I’m sure you’ll agree.

let’s face it, we wear it so other people will think we smell nice. I can think of NO OTHER REASON why people wear aftershave and perfume. why would we do this? (sub question)

this is a question I posed to one of my ATD’s. he said he really didn’t know, but would get back to me. that was in January, so I’m pretty certain this is an interesting question and he’s still not come up with a definitive answer.

what say you?


I don’t personally Silkz


to smely nice


I put a little on sometimes, to try and smell attractive. I’m not sure it works.


me neither, man. well, I’ve got some nice Marc Jacobs stuff, but I probably wear it 3 times a decade


for who though? do you stink of shit if you don’t wear it?


Yes. It’s a tough life as Hampshire’s leading manure scientist.


I don’t pal, I’m not even on Facebook


Add me to the list of people that do not wear it.


I love a nice smelling man, I don’t think enough men wear it.

I sometimes worry I wear too much perfume, as I reckon I’ve gone nose blind.


I just rely on the irresistible allure of pheremones.


had you pegged as a man with many fragrances. how wrong I was!


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Water.


what about a man who smells of skin? soft, soft skin


Going by previous threads on this the typical DiSer doesn’t wear aftershave/perfume. The typical DiSer reeks.


Just the one ma man, the smell of stale booze :wink:


Is there any other reason to wear it other than it smells nice? I mean, that’s literally what it does. I’m not sure people smell that great generally. Stick a bit of aftershave on, good for everyone.


only wear it if I’m going to an event.

tiny spray down the meat and two veg pre-date also, ofc.


This thread needs a poll.


I don’t wear it, but I put this stuff in my beard to condition it, and that smells a bit like aftershave. Like @laelfy I’m worried that I’m going to stop being able to smell it.