Why does cress no longer exist

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Existential cressis


Have some cress in the fridge or did last time I looked.

My fondest cress memory was growing some in primary school then making a butter and cress sandwich and eating it. I remember that mixture of pride about my cress and eagerness to eat my cress very well


Cress is a dick
Cressida Dick

(I like cress)

Pretty sure that in the depths of Hampshire (between Botley and the Meon Valley) there’s still a tonne of it being grown - that’s cress country! Any Hampshire Dissers want to confirm or deny my cress speculation?

Look, cress ponds in Warnford!

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pronounced ‘craiss’ in America

Cress, cress, cress, cress, cress
Cardi don’t need more cress

When I lived round there you used to get wild watercress in the streams. Would eat.

Think barleysugar is probably talking about ‘true’ cress though.




Oh. Watercress is the true cress for me, but I’ll stop this, um, dicression in that case


Absolutely loads round the Itchen and Meon valleys. Hampshire is truly watercress country. Can get to a load of watercress beds within a mile of my gaff. the Watercress Line is named so because of the huge amounts of watercress it used to transport to London. But this isn’t the watercress thread, it’s the shitty cress thread

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I had a birthday party on the Watercress Line when I was a kid.


I saw Thomas when I last went


Watercress is shite

Saw some this morning at Tesco, trapped inside an egg sandwich

Because the Cresstaceous period ended 66 million years ago.

The Cresstaceous was a period with a relatively warm climate, resulting in high eustatic sea levels that created numerous shallow inland seas. These oceans and seas were populated with now-extinct marine reptiles, ammonites and rudists, while dinosaurs continued to dominate on land. During this time, new groups of mammals and birds, as well as flowering plants, appeared.

We had a big cress-growing competition when I was at school with prizes and everything. Mine all died after about a week

I couldn’t even keep cress alive :slightly_frowning_face:


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the real quiz is because its shite. was the only salad available in the UK until around 2005 when someone had the idea of importing higher quality salad ingredients from Spain and Italy, and thank god too.

Shame you’ve spelt it wrong. arlesford