Why does everything have to be grey in this country?


Buildings, railings, lampposts, attitudes.

Sick of it.





Some things are also beige


Is it because I lied when I was 17?


it’s our thing! hooray for grey!



Sometimes grey but doings can b pretty cool


It’s Chic Shadow, actually.


My jumper’s green today. Not everything’s grey.


You slagging off my hair?


Isn’t it a modernist thing rebuilding post ww2? Lots of Victorian brick stuff around here that’s not grey.

Anyway this is just a class warfare thing again


my cardigan is, though. sorry!


I really like it, it’s like a weird Rothko painting how the ground is dark grey then the sky is lighter and the buildings are somewhere between the two. Almost like a poorly rendered video game, and none of it’s real anyway.


My cardigan is too!

Do we have a specific cardigan thread? You think on this place that would be essential


we absolutely should! :hearts:


theres a nice guy garvey quote about grey sky but i cant remember what it is. i like elbow, dont @ me


found it

it was better in my head


Our passports will be blue again :uk::globe_with_meridians:


Think the cover of ‘This Leaden Pall’ by Half Man Half Biscuit may be one of the best depictions of Britain that I’ve ever seen (i.e. the back of a miserable pub on a grey day)