Why does my house periodically smell of brasso?

We thought it was the neighbours polishing their furniture but the new neighbours are not doing anything like that.

It seems to be strongest along the wall between our two houses, up the stairs and towards the back near and in the bathroom. The neighbours can’t smell it.

Kind of like furniture polish, gloss paint or brass polish.

It’s not always there - it seems to happen during the day every so often.

Any one have any ideas?

hmm. do you have any history of sleep-cleaning?

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Early weezer lyrics etc etc

probably all that brasso you’re using to polish your furniture. you never shut up about it on here mate.




No. Barely do any awake cleaning tbh



Best option yet

is there any chance someone you know has volunteered you for a home improvement show without your knowledge?

I guess it’s not zero…

Brasso, Ricey, Cheeks

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Absolutely love brasso. Used to have my own section on the jobs rota at the cafe that was “polish the brass scales” - woe betide anyone else who did it.

Did you know you can also use ketchup? Don’t recommend it though, very messy, but in a pinch - we’ve all found ourselves in dull brass emergencies before ofc.

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Is brass even still a thing?

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Feel like a Victorian cleaning urchin is the jackpot as far as live-in spectres go. Just have to teach them how to load the dishwasher.


I think we get this too! Usually by where the washing machine lives, comes and goes seemingly without a pattern. I’ve not been able to place the smell but now you’ve said brasso that’s what it reminds me of.

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Glad to have found someone else who gets this!

Brasso is ammonia based, so I wonder if the neighbours are using ammonia products in the bathroom and you have a shared drain somewhere that’s spreading it around?

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Aha more clues to follow!

Moby was what came to mind for me

A potential precursor of ammonia is piss of course.