Why don't polls work anymore?


climate change

overuse, no doubt


theo said we were doing too many so he switched them off

Do polls work?

  • Yes
  • No

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Shy tories

  • ooh look at me i made a poll
  • so ruddy bloody clever
  • fuck off

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Couldn’t get mine to work in the sandwich thread earlier so I switched it from single choice to multiple choice and back and it worked.

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doesn’t work

you know when someone asks a question - usually about an in-joke or something like this thread - and loads of people post joke responses even though they know the answer… why is it a faux pas to just give the person the info they need?

  • Cos deep down we’re a bit schoolboy/girl-esque and take glee in leaving someone out
  • Cos… can’t think of another reason to do this. other (please specify)

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@barleysugar select number rating then re-select single choice


I think it’s probably that something’s updated the JavaScript and thus caused this bug which @smee has given you the workaround for.

Cos they are all on benefits

  • fueck the polls
  • fueck the polIs

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Fueck the polis


  • Great bunch of lads (GBOL)
  • Tory cunts

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he was asking why they don’t work not how to make them work

Cos you touch yourself at night


Pretty niche wolfcastle though?