Why don't today's teens/tweens have an SM:TV or a Live and Kicking to watch?


As above


Probably too busy climbing out of K-Holes to get up that early.


Kids tv channels


Because you can watch music videos online now.


Do kids like gungeing on TV these days?


similar sort of thing - they now knife people after surrounding them in a circle. oddly it still features Dave Benson Phillips


they watch youtubers instead of ant & dec & don’t actually care about music videos or performances because they can stream Drake mixtapes while snapchatting instead


Fuzzy_Du abandonreply


Ahh, the YouTubers of course!

Someone should put some YouTubers on Saturday morning TV to see what happens


Calm down granddad.

I don’t really understand why I watched things like Going Live or Saturday Superstore now. Life must have been really dull.


probably end up with too many holocaust jokes to be broadcast at that time


Fair point that actually


Hello Theodore, might I inquire as to whether your youngun is still into Paw Patrol?


She has branched out a little with Bubble Guppies also being popular. Unfortunately BG are all 22 min episodes so sometimes she has 1 BG then 1 PP (half the length).

She also likes Angelina Ballerina.


I’ve never heard of Bubble Guppies, they sound loathsome.

Angelina Ballerina is that fucking mouse right?


There’s Scrambled on ITV on Saturday mornings and Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind-Ups on CBBC.


Sam & Mark’s Friday wind up.

I really quite like Sam & Mark.


Pretty sure Bubble Guppies played with Coldplay at the Brits this year


Yeah she is. Although I believe there was an original BBC animation that was stop-motion or something, while this is a CGI more recent thing (UK accents at least).

Bubble Guppies does sound terrible but it’s actually decent, although it would be nice to have a non-US accent version. They try to actually teach stuff to kids in a way that is fun and bright. She learned about what a skeleton was and how it worked from that show, for example.


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