Why don't we have 1 global established time?


Really don’t see the need to adjust all our clocks all the time depending on where we are/what we’re doing just so we can all say we wake up in the morning. I mean, who cares? 1 time please.


Is this a cat_race thread?


We could call it Ruffers Mean Time (willing to take suggestions though)




it’s called utc and it’s fucking annoying


I think it’s important for the time to reflect what time it is in the place that someone is wondering what the time is


Alright, Wyclef


If anything we should have the opposite - millions of tiny time zones. You should have to change your watch by a few minutes just going to the shops.


That’s relative though


If you go to WHSmiths, you put your watch back 15 years.




Relative to where the sun is in that place


Nah, no reason why morning has to be whenever the sun comes up. Some people sleep in anyway.


I think it’s important that noon is always when the sun is at the highest point that it can be in or whatever




I liked it when Samoa binned off an entire day for trade reasons.


Because when people say “I’ll see you at high noon” you don’t need a watch to ensure you get there on time


Loads of people would have lost a birthday there.


multiple reasons, ruffers. but maybe…none!


to exploit workers