Why don't we write years with a comma?





i spent a year and a half working for an American company here dealing with American clients and 3 and a half years after leaving i still get confused reading dates sometimes. just started a new temp job that uses a similar type of mainframe, teletext-looking system to that job which brought it all back again. fuck sake.




finally someone nailed it


Did you wonder this because you read that David Squires comic on The Guardian and substracted 37 from 2016 on the Windows Calculator and it showed 2016 as 2,016?




I just substracted 37 from 2016 on the Windows Calculator to find out what year Paul Robinson was born. It displays as 2,016 on the calculator.



Your calculator’s fucked mate.


tfw you abandon a post because Theo made the same joke


is a time for introspection. i think it’s important to “be” with your shame for a while before moving on.


I work with lots of americans

I have reverted to always using 12th November 2016 to avoid any possible confusion - wish they would do the same


Even on the 13th?


yeah if you’re going to do it backwards it should be 16/11/29


they germans mix up decimal points and commas. has anyone pointed that out yet? not gonna read the thread


theo abandoned this joke before posting


i hate it


yep - just do it automatically now


Sending money to my Hungarian landlord used to be a terrifying process, especially as you got 370 forints to the pound at the time.


10,50 €. what the fuck is that all about? a comma and the € sign in the wrong place. absolute amateurs.


give me 5 bees for a quarter, you’d say.