Why don't we write years with a comma?


How many bees per forint?




get this gibberish out of my thread guys


You’ll regret that next time you try to buy some bees.


who’d want a bee as a gift?


Well you can’t buy one bee, it’d be lonely. You have to get it a swarm to keep it company.

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an apiarist


Might sting the chimps, though.


dunno what the police have to do with this


-------------------------------PAEDO LINE------------------------------------


I can’t work out of you just completely stonewalled him there or not.


It seems I can get a queen bee just itching to lay loads of eggs come springtime for £35 (including the offer of a “Buckfast” breed for a tenner extra). So that’s 12.867,76 HUF.



I’m not going to switch my date format of choice depending on what the date is, that would be madness


now i can’t tell if marckee’s post was the (surprisingly) funny joke i thought it was or a genuine query along these lines.

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I know I’m sinking down into the rabbit hole.


Can we not use paedo as a joke term on here any more, please?

It’s been pointed out it makes this forum look ridiculous and I’m in agreement.

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I thought it was just pedantry - think we’ve all given this too much of our valuable time


You can amuse yourself by colouring your favourite bees in, with these extremely overpriced markers. (Which cost only 79,66 czk in an art shop)



To be clear you now get the joke he was making? Interpreting your post as you always giving the date as 12th November 2016 regardless of the actual date? I just want to establish this.