Why has everyone started saying “Deep Cuts”?

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Why no?

Prefer a graze myself

Feels like a really forced phrase, and normally used by people just referring to album tracks

humans be peoplin’ and I, for one am very much against it.

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I think “deep” is one of my favourite words. I find the concept of a deep cut immensely satisfying and have done for a while.

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what is a deep cut?

Maybe people are asking them their favourite album by the knife

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think it’s meant to be a little known track or song, but often ends up being used for anything that wasn’t a successful single, because humans be peoplin’.

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Anything that isn’t a single or a widely-known track, or “live favourite”.

It’s fine.



hmmm, think it should really be something only a true fan would know, not anyone who happens to have heard an album, but then again I’m only thinking about this as something to do while i toast some bread for marmite on toast.

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I could really go for some of that right now.


the most simple of comfort foods. trouble is, we’ve only got this sample sized loaf of low carb bread that 'er who brings home the sample sized loaf of low carb bread brought back from work last year and has been sat in our freezer. On top of it not being altogether that tasty, it takes careful toasting, as far from the grill as possible so as not to burn it. Better than nowt though.

Its been a term for ages, no?

Waiting for toast to achieve perfect toastiness is very zen.

haven’t noticed

People say it all the time on American comedy podcasts

Why has everyone started saying “humans be peoplin’”?