Why has everyone started saying "Hill to die on"?


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Hill to die on


Been a phrase for donkeys years hasn’t it?


i’ve never heard anyone say it.


Absolute textbook dis first 3 replies


True, but I have noticed it getting used a lot more in the last few weeks than in the few weeks before that. Might just be the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon though


I started saying it recently and I’ve never looked back.


I needed to mention that we’ve had this discussion only a couple of months ago too.


What’s that? Sounds complicated and interesting


I haven’t but I think I now will


It’s because every wannabe lefty follows the same forty or so Twitter accounts.


It really is because of the absolute flaming dump that is Twitter, for definite.


When you notice something, and then you think you see it everywhere, but it’s only because you’re thinking about it now.


i’ve seen this EVERYWHERE


I have that with mirror time. Was convinced I was either insane or some kinda deity because every time I would look at my phone it would be 11:11 or 12:21 or something.


it’s like a baader-meinhof phenomenon
when you don’t know the term


so when would you use this phrase?


Do you think badger-Meonhof was either a dr or a mr?


Wtf kinda autocorrect is that?


he was both. Dr Mr Badger University Meonhof