Why has no band member left Radiohead?


They stretch back over many, many years now. It struck me how unique it is for no one to leave the band. Can you think of any other bands that just stay together?


They get to take 5 years off between albums so have time to stop hating eachother



The Who had the same line-up for many years, until changes were forced on them by certain members dying.


Who else is trying to think of a punchline?


think it’s probably a class thing


because…they’re there.


No punchline from me. I just thought “So no member has left Radiohead - why should they?”


Yeah, radiohead are class!


U2 have done it. I think if you’re successful enough that you can take a lot of time off from each other between albums and tours then it helps, as well as being able to tour in a really comfortable way, which would reduce a lot of stresses between band members.


If one of them left they’d break up.

Think they used to come close to breaking up every time they worked on an album.


I reckon thom and jonny hate eachother




Maybe they split the publishing like R.E.M. and U2. So many bands split up over money.


Jonny Greenwood but he doesn’t want to leave the others High and Dry.


Aye they split everything 5 ways as far as I know. All the songwriting credits are definitely


Quite incredible that not only have none of them left, but they actually added a member - Phil joined after Creep because they wanted to start incorporating drums in their sound.


*crowd groans*


Clutch formed in 1992 and still have the same lineup.


Tom Jonea is still the only member of Tom Jones