Why has there not been a hotdog craze? 🌭


Burgers have had a craze, donuts had a craze, pulled pork had a craze, street salad had a craze.

Why not hotdogs? They’re brilliant.

With loads of onions and that creamy mustard you get in IKEA for me please.

There were a few attempts at hipster hot dogs, but the central problem is that hotdogs are pretty rubbish.


Hot Dogs are nice but they are undeniably at their nicest in their “lowest” form (eg, cheap finger roll and processed frankfurters with ketchup and american mustard). Attempts to give them a craze have therefore failed as a result of people striving to improve their “quality” leading to a lessening of the enjoyment of eating them.


they should do them with cheese (/veese)
and one with hummus
£9 please

Have you ever had a massive German bratwurst with a tiny roll?

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Yeah, at the local Street food thing here multiple people have tried doing fancy hotdogs. I don’t think people see them as exciting enough to spend hipster Streetfood money on

I’ll thank you to keep my private life out of this discussion


Aye tinned hotty-d’s and then a refreshing glass of brine afterwards, like a savoury Calippo.


I also don’t understand this. Maybe because you need to eat two At a time?

Really like that they’re the default street food in Sweden.

Tofurkey dogs never went away.


They’ve always been a craze in Juketown

From the early hotdog days, having cheap tinned hotdogs in stale buns in the Matt Busby Lounge at Lodgey during crappy birthday parties, through the years of going up town on a Saturday after watching Smackdown, grabbing a hot dog from the burger stand and eating it whilst walking round talking about girls. Through the difficult days of onion experimentation, and the sad days of eating tinned hotdogs in my pants whilst watching seven films in a day and not opening the curtains, right through to the present day, when hot dogs are a part of my life but not an overwhelming part of my life, an occasional treat and a warm hug. They will always be there for me and I resent the threads implication that the public hasn’t hit hotdogmania. They don’t need it, they will always be there for us. Ryan Giggs didn’t need that Sports Personality of the Year just like hot dogs don’t need to be thrust into the limelight.


Tonight for my tea I’m gonna have hotdogs :hotdog: and doritos and watch the golf :golf:

Might get some Budweiser in

Haven’t decided what sort of hotdog yet though

put the doritos in the dog

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Had a hipster one at street feast once if I recall iirc correctly, think it was from bubble dogs or summink? Problem with it was they loaded it up with loads of toppings and then when you take a bite the toppings move in an easterly and westerly direction, evacuating the bun as soon as humanly possible. Ergo, loads of sauce and stuff on your hands.

They’re essentially a shit burger for cunts aren’t they, if we’re honest. What you want is just a straight up nice sozzer, decent bun and some fried onions. Mustard and ketchup too obvs.


Went to a hotdog restaurant in the US once. Had (tofu obvs) one with Mac & cheese as a topping. Possibly the least healthy thing I’ve ever eaten, but, damn.

more interesting concept than wanky burgers imo as there’s more space for toppings

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yeah think this is it. one hot dog is never enough.

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You can put toppings underneath if you want to

underneath what? no thanks