Why hasn't this been invented yet?


the phone rings
I see the number but it’s not a saved number/one I recognise

why doesn’t the app yet exist that can just instantaneously google the incoming number and show me who is calling before I choose to answer?


what other obvious things is the world missing?


Some phone numbers do this already


My phone kind of does this already.


I think this may already have been invented


I have a phone that sorta does this.


my le tournoi already does this


yes mine does this

maybe you invented it years ago and forgot?


wait… what phones do this?


How about a phone with a built-in calculator?


Ghost mutt


phones can go on the internet now


people who: say they’ve ‘invented’ something when they actually mean they’ve had an idea for something

‘ooh i’ve invented something. a toaster that also slices bread!’

NO MATE. unless you’ve built one and it’s working you’ve not invented shit.


Never do my job.


guys, guys, wait

are you all telling me that you all have phones that ID every caller ? What phones are these?

Where is the phone that can tell me whether the incoming call is from a telesales cold caller flogging a loan or from the office of that company I applied for a job at?


My phone does this. It’s a Samsung. Not only does it come up with the name of the establishment* but it will also flag telemarketers/scams so you know not to answer.

I think the number has to be registered on Google or something though. Doesn’t just pull names from its arse.


Iphone 7 makes guesses as to who is calling. .




OK guys

gonna buy a new phone



My Samsung S8 does this.

It’s pretty great at it too.


how come calculators on computers are so shit since a computer is basically just a big calculator

trying to work this observation into my stand up routine i think it’s pretty good