Why hasn't this been invented yet?

Central locking for houses.

Had it for cars for years, surely at least new homes/flats should have this by now.


A bit impractical in the car version but something like it for a home version would be good aye

There are a few systems around, eg:


My phone does this

My phone does not do this

Although no one ever phones it so how would I know

OK guys, so I got a new phone & I dunno - do I need a 3rd party app? Is this specific to a certain carrier or carriers?

@jimmyhuntspill …I have a 7 plus - how do you set this up?

I like people that get REALLY angry at people cold calling their mobile. Like it is a massive inconvenience to either not answer, or answer for 5 seconds and hang up. Like, this is something that should really wind me up but doesn’t at all

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I am useless at phones - think it just does it.

must be a carrier thing then?

Yeah could be. Is with O2.

Came up with this idea recently since my daughter keeps waking up, falling back asleep when I put my hand on her chest, then waking up again when I take it off - a weighted soft glove that I can rest on her instead of my real hand (like when Indiana Jones swaps the idol for a bag of sand).

(Just googled this and it seems some people have had similar ideas and made homemade versions but it doesn’t look like there’s a commercial equivalent).

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weighted blankets are quite popular these days with kids in the 5-9 age range that otherwise find it hard to get to sleep

you need to get your kickstarter on for a weighted glove

look at how much this guy raised;


good one googlephone

My phone doesn’t do this either.

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Don’t worry. I’m sure Apple will invent this feature in the next version of OSX

I had a look on the app store - there’s quite a few apps that do this - gonna try one

OSX lol

it’s iOS for the phones you ninny

someone call me so I can test it

Mate, you’ve done yourself - it’s not called OSX anymore, and also that doesn’t run on phones.

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