Why have the boards gone all Peter Kay of a sudden?

Who remembers Gooey Louie?!

What is that supposed to mean?

Every thread is some nostalgia one

Gooey Louie is a toy I always asked for but never got at Chrimbo

You can still get that.

I think there has been some excellent content on community.drownedinsound.com today and I resent the idea that it’s all been nostalgia fuelled. Have you not seen my thread about the next generation of breakout advert stars? It’s the definition of forward-thinking!

Also, without knowing the past you cannot know yourself.

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I believe the New Year has reminded us all of the cruel and ceaseless march of time, and feeling broken and powerless, we’ve reverted to a nicer time before all our hopes were dashed.

Garlic Bread?!

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I like peter kay