Why haven't they invented..

Tumble dryers that automatically fold your clothes after cycle is done? Two mechanical arms pop out the sides, perfect fold.

Anything else that should be invented? We have Dr @Epimer to help us with the legalities. We could all get rich here in this thread.


…would be nice


because tobacco tastes good. Sorry whiterussian.

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think I might have seen this in a wallace & gromit film


Soap that never disintegrates. Just one bar your whole life, keeps that fresh scent.

Jam that is also toothpaste

Robot vacuum cleaner that’s capable of doing stairs


Teeth that replace themselves every ten years. Like one of those sharks


Would be well up for this. Teeth are a big commitment

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They’ve already invented this, but they’re still putting out the disintegrating kind because they know their business is done once you only need one soap bar in your life.

Planned obsolescence, look it up.

Related; Bran Flakes are self-replicating in their natural state. They have to be rendered inert before being boxed.

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Spray on wrapping paper. Oh not entirely sure how to wrap a present, spray this bad boy. Different selections per bottle. Santa claus, race cars for the kids…

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Isn’t this what e-cigs are?!

Baffles me how public toilets dont have a foot handle to open them


Bidet? One of those hose attachments in your toilet like they have in Egypt?

Grass/lawn seed that will automatically disintegrate dog shit as soon as it touches the ground.

Anchovy flavoured crisps


Only once seen a weighted seat on a toilet. I have no idea why they’re so rare. Obvious method to stop men pissing on the seat

That sounds like more effort TBH

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Clean as a whistle.

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Waterproof paper