Why haven't we had a Jeeves and Wooster reboot by the Sherlock and Dr Who lot?

Long overdue.

On a bit of a nostalgia odyssey today. Come and join me for the ride.

Billie Piper as Bertie Wooster and Bernard Cribbins as Jeeves, perfect.

Just thought they could use Tim and Cumberbatch again. Or Jeeves could be askjeeves

Jeeves and Butthead

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It wouldn’t beat Fry & Laurie. That’s not a reason why they haven’t done it though, it’s why they shouldn’t. They probably just haven’t thought of it yet – it will be ruined shortly.

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Oh yeah, it will be much worse but i would like to see it updated with text messages up on screen and Gussy Fink-Nottle get caught looking up newt porn or whatever.

Starring Mark Gatiss as seventeen interchangeable characters despite being a demonstrably versatile actor

There was a play a few years ago that I saw that might have been called Perfect Nonsense that was pretty good, had Stephen Mangan and Matthew MacFadyen as Wooster and Jeeves respectively. However, the tv version of Blandings with Timothy Spall from around the same time was so bad it’s probably scared telly off doing Wodehouse.

They could easily do a CBeebies Jeeves and Wooster starring Robert the Robot and Mr Tumble, would be into that.

Blandings was ace, you plum