Why haven't we ported the button automatic car door unlocking mechanism to the doors of our homes (and buildings)?

Heating that blows on your feet OR your torso.


Is your pal TC-14?


@tigercrewtc 14?

Sorry, I don’t watch Game Of Thrones

camouflage for caravans, more aesthetically pleasing when in nature.


What about a house that just descends from the sky and encapsulates me within it. Why do I have to walk through a door like a pleb?!

could call it ‘camovan’


A footwell next to my spot on the sofa where I can throw wrappers/empty cups/bogies


Photoshop a @tigercrewtc t-shirt on her and you’ve got a fucking brilliantly niche meme ready to go

Is that Ned Stark?

It’d be nice if houses cost as much as cars do and cars cost as much as houses. The world would be a better place

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when you think about it, like really think about it, right? still not seeing it? don’t stop thinking about it yet, then. just keep thinking about it until you agree with me, because I’m right about this, but it might take a bit of thinking to come on side, and I’ve got some stuff to do now, so just keep on thinking about it until you agree.


horn built into the sofa, just to alert people of your presence.

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Back seats in the sitting room

sofa armrests that have storage inside

Absolutely guessed this would be an @anon5266188 thread. Go me!

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