Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Think I mentioned it doesn’t sound like Jimbo


I genuinely wonder if this isn’t just an old recording he tried to get jimmy to record over tommy lees orig


Facebook group is deleting negative comments on solara, I’ve gone in with ‘maybe it will sound better with some extra reverb from the empty stadiums’ post, awaiting expulsion


Don’t think it’s that bad. Agree with robluvsnic above. They’re doing a 90’s nostalgia tour, so they release a song that sound like a standard 90’s alt rock radio song, fair enough.

Surprised the big SP fans here are putting the boots in so hard. You guys are savages!


It really is that bad, it has none of the pumpkins magic, they somehow managed to imbue a bunch of chords that could be an oasis song with a sense of celestial grandeur, based on their original run output I wouldn’t have thought they were capable of this level of mediocrity. Most disappointing Iha is back in the fold yet it sounds no different to any post Iha material, no layers or atmospheric touches


No way iha contributed to the recording of these shitters


Reckon it’s strategic, get Iha back and make something bad to put to rest the idea the lack of Iha is responsible for lack of quality this century.


Sounds very Corgan…


Guy needs a manager…someone relevant to stop him making shite decisions. And a producer who will call him on his shit. Guy doesnt know what his strongest work is anymore


Think you were looking for the Kanye thread


Just remembered there are 3 guitarists in this band and they came up with this turkey


Listening to it some more, the drum thing is so weird, they genuinely sound programmed, the drum rolls are machine gun like. Wonder if Billy has got into midi and thinks he can do the drums now too




Are they going full My Vitriol?


Tales of a Scorching BUURRNN


never actually listened to the tear garden by kaleidescope material, I would go as far as saying this is a good song


id heard this one, also good


Since I can’t find anywhere to play it in a proper order, I never listen enough and forget the individual songs aside from a few. I liked A Song for a Son initially but it hasn’t aged well for me, it’s a bit too classic rock-y.

Off the top of my head, “A Stitch in Time” and “Freak” were my favorites. I thought the former could have fit very well near the end of Oceania, and the latter could have been a hit single in another world.


Also I think this is nearly unanimously considered the least enjoyable song he’s ever written:


I’ve always thought he drew inspiration from the Itchy and Scratchy theme song here. I’ll never forget how horrified the internet was when this one came out.