Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


one thing I will say, Corgan is looking surprisingly svelte


Is that a TV studio? Those things are horrible to play in. I would reserve judgement until I see them playing in front of an actual audience.


I suppose but they did some killer tv appearances back in the day


That’s a good point, hopefully it’ll be different in front of real audiences (even though I’m not going).


The thing is, Lebron James is amazing.


A favourite song of mine.


An absolute B A N G E R


Now the question is, how is the fact that there are now 2 WWE champions going to be resolved if Punk has signed back with the company?

Don’t leave us in suspense!

(How on earth can you leave a federation and keep the belt?)


Guys! I listened to Melon Collie last night and it’s a really good album. It’s like they managed to get over the trad rockness that made the first two albums such a slog and had fun messing around with a bunch of different sounds but still with a lot of loud guitars. Plus the overblown lyrics are less of a distraction when the songs are decent.

Is this a hot take? Well, it’s better than any Radiohead album but not as good as any Arab Strap record.



Okay, now THAT is a hot take.

And you’ve overshot here, sorry.


that was the only bit i agreed with


Nah, this is easily provable.

Number of songs which made me laugh out loud the first time I heard them.
OK Computer: 1 (Fitter, Happier)
The Week Never Starts Round Here: 6 or 7

Number of references to specific places or events which I recognise.
OK Computer: 0 (zero)
The Week Never Starts Round Here: shitloads.

Interestingness of music (when compared to standard late 90s indie):
OK Computer: 2
The Week Never Starts Round Here: 8

Funny, crap whistling which really annoyed my ex when I tried to replicate it:
OK Computer: 0 (zero)
The Week Never Starts Round Here: 1

Case closed, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Decent. It sounds like there are probably no bands that can compete with this, TBF.


Love it it hate it there are few if any other albums that do what Mellon Collie does


Thanks for asking Theo! Sit yourself down and let me tell you a tale:

This was honestly one of the best storylines they’ve ever done, as a result of Punk’s real-life contract coming to an end just as he was hitting his peak. He won the belt from Cena on the last day of his contract (in one of the best WWE matches of all time):

Went home and considered future/negotiated contract, in the meantime Cena had won the “replacement belt” as Punk had left with the original (that spinning monstrosity) and they had a (also very good but not quite as special as the previous) unification match at Summerslam:

Unfortunately the story went off the rails after that but it’s fine because Punk went on to become the longest reigning champion ever up until this week as Brock Lesnar has now beaten the record (defending the title a cool 10 times to Punk’s 100 and something defences) because they’re sadly erasing Punk from their history as things went really south when he left and just last week WWE doctors attempted to sue Punk (but lost).

Think that just about covers it, thanks for humouring me. If I was ever asked to try and get people into wrestling I’d probably start with the above purely because CM Punk (and shortly after Daniel Bryan and The Shield) was the guy who got me interested again after a ten-year absence.

Oh and the new Smashing Pumpkins are bad.


Ooh right.

All of these guys are well after my time which was Ultimate Warrior and the emergence of The Undertaker in 91 ish

taps sign



yes although Punk arguably had Taker’s last decent match before his hip gave out:

(I LOVE this match^)

Also, if I’m not mistaken, you took the Hot Takes sign out of the thread title :wink:


Not me bud. I think the last few thread titles have be @Yesiamaduck’s choices


ooh, the plot thickens! Duck I know for a fact will be heavy into derailing this into a Wrestling thread, which is related to Corgan, of course :wink:

EDIT: hahaha the thread changed in real-time there!


I’d have gone with CM Pumpkin maybe