Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


That’s chick magnet pumpkin, to you


I mean, they are both from Chicago


There’s always the possibility that a performance for a timed to the second tv show, with a crowd of people not there to see you, is different to a proper gig.


I’ve now seen this has already been addressed up thread, please disregard.

I am going to see them on this tour and don’t fit into the demographic you described. I liked them for the core run but haven’t really checked out anything after(except Zeitgeist, which I eagerly anticipated until I heard it.). So by no means a hard core fan who’s stuck by them.

I did like that 'Freak" song that someone posted above, so maybe there are some songs worth listening to form the dark years. That was better than anything on Zeitgeist.


Whilst thatd have been cute n all. Most of the people here have no fucking idea who cm punk is and i feared itll confuse the regulars. Plus it wouldnt have hot take in it


I don’t think it was the thread shows fault, they’ve done some amazing ones in the past, Billy has talked about how the tour is going to be timed to the second, that performance of zero you could almost hear the metronome


i clicked onto the performance of the new song and they look even more bored


forgot that my favourite thing about this video is that neither Cena nor the crowd have a clue what’s going on and then go mental when they realise


CM “Hot Take” Pumpkins amirite?


Can still be done very well though by people with charisma


Not everything has to be a wrestling thread. Cant even maintain two :frowning:


Jesuis Christ

During that October discussion, the singer revealed a wild story in which he claimed to have encountered a shapeshifter. Stern tried to goad more out of him this time, and though he was cagey on the details, he strongly implied that the shapeshifter was actually a woman with whom he was having sexual relations. And he said it happened twice. “I will say, since we’re on radio, that the story is even more fantastical than you think,” Corgan teased. “The person was naked.” He kept saying “the person,” but Stern made a few assumptions to which Corgan pled the fifth.


Agreed, there are many, could actually be a good thread best/ favorite TV performances.

I was just making the point that it might be a bit early to say cancel the whole tour based on one TV performance.


No but it’s fun (Also this has legit connections)




Isn’t there a great one of Mclusky doing To Hell With Good Intentions on some cheesy European tv show as well? Can’t find it right now. It definitely can be done though! The sterility of the setting can make a performance seem even more dangerous (or whatever adjective you want) sometimes.


I know nothing about wrestling, but I’m 100% sure Bob Mould was the best scriptwriter.


Wrote WCW programming when it was at a creative lowpoint and going out of business :smiley:


Ahead of his time :ok_hand:


Yup, there’s an old thread already, that SP clip inspired me to go and look it up again last night