Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Ha ha! Genuinely can’t think of a single album since The Freewheelin’ that couldn’t be trimmed.

Melon Collie is up there with Daydream Nation and 69 Love Songs in that the overall quality and undoubted highs justify the extended running time. Doesn’t mean there’s no shit in there!


Ok here it goes, Mellon Collie ranked:

Title Category
Muzzle transcendent
We only come out at night transcendent
Bodies transcendent
To forgive transcendent
1979 transcendent
Stumbleine transcendent
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness transcendent
Thru the Eyes of Ruby phenomenal
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans phenomenal
Here Is No Why phenomenal
Galapogos phenomenal
By Starlight phenomenal
Tonight Tonight phenomenal
Farewell and Goodnight phenomenal
In the Arms of Sleep outstanding
Bullet with butterfly wings outstanding
Beautiful outstanding
Jellybelly outstanding
Lily my one and only outstanding
Zero outstanding
Where Boys Fear to Tread outstanding
Thirty three merely excellent
Tales of a scorched earth merely excellent
An ode to no one merely excellent
Love merely excellent
Cupid de locke merely excellent
X.Y.U merely excellent
Take Me Down merely excellent


maybe I’m misremembering the track, it’s been many years


If you’re not rating XYU at least phenomenal you’re doing the pumpkins wrong imo tbqh


There is no shame in the merely excellent category


Especially like this version


I’m sure I’ve said it earlier in the thread, but with Mellon Collie being such a staple for me I’d always taken that post-kaboom sequence for granted. It’s pure insanity - that acceleration into that wind tunnel scream into the woo into the STOP (or maybe I’m just assuming that’s what he’s screaming there). It’s a major vocal departure from the guy who sang on Gish and Siamese Dream.


That’s funny, to me Daydream Nation is a padded 4 or 5 song EP.


despite all my rage I’m still just a’ shifting my shape





No matter what 4 songs, that’s a long-ass EP.


can’t really think of much i’d cut from Daydream Nation. maybe Eliminator Jr cos it should really end on Hyperstation, but that’s only 2 minutes.


Ah I am so appreciating the thread title - makes me chortle every time I scroll down! Sounds like his pet or something. MJ had Bubbles
after all.


Fully lost it at this.


this thread is like sideshow bob stepping on the rakes. it keeps delivering. it is content in its purest form. i’m now “watching” this thread and i am a better man for it imo.


Thread title is the best it’s been in a while


Could lose Candle and all of “Trilogy” for me. Also, just one of The Sprawl and Total Trash is plenty. Neither are bad, they just go on a bit. Which I guess is sort of the point of a double album so fuck it: leave it all on there.


Uh oh…

Edit: link didn’t work 16/10/2018 and uk flag post from the 'kins

Not going obviously



That’s too late in the year for £1 Hyde Park


Tempted to go on my own and get pissed enough to ignore the lacklustre bits and have the best night ever