Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Although it’ll be in a stupidly large venue probs and if so fuck that


Appreciate the UK date format


I’ve only been following this thread for a UK show announcement [/hot take]


Wembley according to Bandsintown



Wonder if that’s his naked shape shifter


That’s a hell of a ‘tour’.


Ambitious choice of venue… didnt they do Brixton Academy on the last tour?


At least no Manchester date means I don’t make a silly decision and buy a ticket :sweat_smile:


Yeah I was hoping they wouldn’t come here so I wouldn’t have to face temptation


They played Wembley for Oceania not sure if they toured here for monuments to an elergy except for a one off at koko which was surprising easy to get tickets for


I didn’t think so at first but it’s definitely a grower


Guess they might be testing the water with some safe bets after poor ticket sales in America


Imagine if they only played really bleak coastal towns and called the tour ‘Briney And Oh So Shite’


New thread title?


Guys I’m feeling my resolve weaken, I shouldn’t go to this should I?

  • Turns out you can separate the art from the artist
  • No you definitely cannot

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I think you can separate the art from the artist in a lot of cases but I also think you shouldn’t go


I should have included that option


Should have also included a ‘you’ve made 425 posts in this thread, clearly you can separate the art from the artist’ option


This slipped past me. Even Mayonaise? I know everyone has different tastes but that’s one song that I can’t even wrap my head around someone disliking.

Also Jellybelly is a nonstop explosion of escalating twists. That outro especially is nuts.