Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Those Wembley prices…


This has made a tough decision a lot easier


Not a chance for £80 big ones. Saw them in Nottingham and they were booed off stage, saw them again in Sheffield (:frowning:) and it was bland as hell. No way. Coupled with Corgan’s not so slow descent into Morrissey town and that awful comeback single. What a shame.


despite all my rage I’d still need to re-mortgage my cage


Amazed at how deluded they are to think people will pay £100 to see them trudge through the hits on a school night


Can’t imagine how depressing it must be for them playing half empty stadiums around the world, they probably always thought they had the reunion card to play one day, and envisioned hype and a return to sold out arenas, but everything about it has been a disaster, darcy, embarrassing new song, ridiculous prices. They’ve blown it


Thise Smashing Pumpkins prices better include a 60pound bar tab


Exactly, I don’t know anything about how much tours cost so this is an ill-informed opinion, but why not do a few smaller shows in three or four UK cities with lots of people going apeshit when you twang out Zero instead of looking out over a half-empty arena of people who are just hoping the £60+ they’ve shelled out for seats (plus babysitters plus travel costs) is gonna be somewhat worth the hassle?


Yeah, it just seems like the most efficient cash extraction method they could come up with, even more proof their hearts aren’t in this, like they probably think it’s an event that people will be willing to travel for, think they’ve vastly overestimated the draw of this tour


Yeah I reckon they’ll be counting on people like me who still regularly listen to Mellon Collie and Siamese Dream to travel from other parts of the UK when in reality I’d think twice about even getting the train to Manchester to see them


Did I post this already?


Better than the original


Seem to be surprisingly few pumpkins covers, I like these ones


I’m glad they have stopped me going to see them. I’m a complete sucker and would have gone but those prices are insane. Totally agree with the comments above . I think i’ll go back to pretending they split up again which i have done for the past 18 years pretty much.


love the cult of luna one. Came on a 7" with the Somewhere Along the Highway LP. Scorching.

There’s no way i’m listening to panic at the disco; you can’t fool me.


PATD really get the Mellon Collie vibe, reckon I’d have loved them if I was the right age


I think Smashing Pumpkins would actually have been improved had they had Brendon Urie singing instead of Billy.


I like Billy’s voice, if you put the 'kins on and open a window you get a room full of cats


Prices from 55 pounds 55 inches?


Whole album of covers here.