Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


think I’ve only heard poison the well out of those acts



same, certainly heard of a couple of the others, but PTW is the only one I actually know (listening now, seems good)


glad to see ‘we only come out at night’ is represented on there


I really like that song


me too, seems like a lot of people think it is a ridiculous joke of a song, filler even (no such thing on MCIS) but its always been a favourite of mine


Only listened to MCIS in may because of this thread and i think that song is great


holy shit I didn’t know about that Cult of Luna one \m/


weird remembering there was a time where they all seemed to be having fun in that band


there is a best of clip compilation upthread somewhere, they genuinely seemed to be a proper band that liked each other at one point, unless they are very good actors


O2 presale on today. I caved.


also going! :slight_smile:


i’m angry with me from 1996 right now, could have gone to see them at brixton on the mellon collie tour but my friends only wanted to see rancid, nofx, green day etc. could have easily just gone on my own but didnt even occur to me. if I had I would be in less of a dilemma now


italy gig is reasonably priced apparently anyone travelling to london should probs go there instead


Hopesfall and Eighteen Visions can be okay, dunno about their covers

there was also this


and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE4bGwVJBZ8 bad rabbits doing 1979


Christ. There’s no way I’m forking out that kind of Sterling for them. Maybe they’re just gonna do those 2 dates, and hope people from France, Sweden…etc will come over to fill those seats.


If you ignore the golden circle thing the prices are what I expected (though still too high), golden circle thing really doesn’t sit right




thats off an whole album of btbam doing covers