Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


blimey, what else is on there?




bicycle race by Queen, Malpractice by FNM, an Earth Crisis song, a Sepultura one and a few others

hey up, and a Counting Crows one!




oh ffs the autotuned vocals are you kidding


Haven’t been to Wembley Arena for a long time, can someone tell me what Gold Circle Standing is? Is it a ringed off area right at the front?


Yeah. Only ever seen Golden Circles at Hyde Park and more recently Primavera. Billy Corgan’s Printing Press :money_mouth_face:

if people buy them that is


yeah its not very good!


Yeah its a bit at the front so you have the best view and can walk in and out for loo/bar breaks with ease. Its becoming more of a thing for really big acts (at kendrick it took up about 1/3 of the floor, looked like a real atmosphere killer from where I was sat) and generally needs to fuck off.


Ah jeez, that sucks. I saw it in Bulgaria for a couple of acts and it’s just a money grab


Excuse me if this is already on here, but this is a laugh.


It’s ipthread somewhere, I think Billy’s recovery from the England gaff is fair


My resolve is holding


£106 worth of nothing in an aircraft hangar.


Are we still doing hot takes in here? If so, Hey Mercedes are better than Braid.



come on man! That’s just a farce


this song

sure, otherwise, nah


And this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDk9ilJgTL4


omg this has sent me down a whole “melodic hardcore/emo” black hole. Remember Grade?!