Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Yeah! I still listen to Under the Radar fairly regularly


this is now the melodic hardcore/emo thread


Happy about that


omg yes, what a band. I saw them in Sunderland of all places once


Do Penfold count? They were my emo holy grail - took me forever to track down their albums on CD!


Only B-list! Fuckin’ conspiracy


I remember when Radiohead did the tent tour they did similar except it was unannounced so the first people to walk through to the front of the stage got wristbands and were then allowed into that area for the rest of the gig.

I went to two nights so on the second one I was able to make sure the friend I was with and I got into that section. I have seen it once in Hyde Park too. In both cases it was a ridiculous killer of atmosphere but you felt with Radiohead that it was intentional because of their objection to crowd surfers and moshing type dancing (and the fact they didn’t put any premium on it).


I think they used to do that wristband thing a fair bit at the time. it was the same for Stereophonics at Donnington. Yes I went to see Stereophonics at Donnington. I think it was probably in the aftermath of Roskilde. (the wrist band D barrier area, not the seeing of Stereophonics at Donnington).


Saw R.E.M. once and it was like that, sectioned off bit, wandered up to the security and asked if I could go in there, security said it was for the first 200 and gave me a wrist band. It was weird as there were loads of people in the venue but everyone must have assumed the sectioned off bit cost more and not bothered as I definitely wasn’t in the first 200. Can’t tell if it was an atmosphere killer as it was the up tour


Anyone seen the solara video? I haven’t


it’s weird in a can’t tell how I feel about it way. At least they’re being strange I guess, would be good if that spilled over into some interesting new music


anyone seen the setlist from the LA show… :confused: not worth £100 to me tbh. although not sure what would be :man_shrugging:

interested by the joy division cover though :confused:


That was just a 90 minute $20 ticket thing though, wasn’t it? Expect they’ll go a bit longer on the actual tour…


Got kicked out of the pumpkins Facebook group for discussing the Devi Ever/Transphobia stuff :frowning:


I just watched it, I’m not sure what I think about it. It’s ridiculous, but I kind of think all music videos are ridiculous so I can’t hold it against him.


I’ve only seen fragments on instagram, seems like his disney land rollercoaster face is just his face now



No roller coaster is as wild as the roller coasters that are his guitar solos.


Grats for going back and facing your demons BC. Hoping this will inspire future Pumpkins material


I’ve officially renounced the pumpkins now