Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Didn’t realize the Disney incident would be your tipping point


Corgan’ shone full Snoke


Have to say, from the few clips i’ve seen, the gig last night looked pretty good. I take everything back! Still not going to the London gig at those prices though…


Set from the first proper show looked pretty good. Cover of a song from Dumbo in the encore though. Overcompensating for the sad Disney picture?


that’s a great video.

Great for my being convinced that Nick is boring, overrated and smug, not altering.


Nick Cave is very very funny (and is one of the great songwriters of our time obv)


No, he isn’t.



Would definitely go to that if it was reasonably priced


He might not be funny but he is one of the greatest songwriters ever. Not many better.


Yeah, it’s a bit niche to dislike Nick Cave’s music, I guess. I know I’m in the minority…it just doesn’t do anything for me.

I shouldn’t have said that he’s unfunny and smug though…


He is tho


this video is weakening my resolve not to see them


Right, that’s it; I’m still not going to Wembley or wherever the London leg of their Uk date is.


Corgan’s looking a bit grim


oof that is some fine setlist


I like how they end with today, bullet, and muzzle, then encore with solara


Fucking hell… really tempted by that now…


great venue name


the world is a deep fryer
set to fla-a-a-ame


i remember this feeling very inappropriate at the time actually