Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


an absolute whopper


This feels like the time to bring up that an old classmate of mine countered my Corgan claims with “Mike Mushok is the greatest guitarist of all time.”


can you get them to this thread?


Bloomin’ heck, guys! Have i missed anythimg while I’ve been travelling?


Big up for Dinosaur Jr- Where you been.


Corgan appears on chat shows hosted by Nazis so even on the prick level he’s beating Lennon.


This has already been covered. carry on.

Ps has anyone mentioned how shit unwound are yet?


I’m a similar age to you. Why isn’t Badmotorfinger, Vs or Dirt in your list. Agree on Ten being number 1 though.


Dino jr and smashing pumpkins obviously not grunge.


Mate, can you deal with all the people implying Nirvana weren’t one of the greatest bands of all time first before the Beatles thing


Insane Clown Posse’s The Great Milenko was the greatest hip-hop album of all time, yet will never be recognised as such due to the inherent snobbery in the hip-hop communities.


I’m not Sir Sacred Cow riding to the rescue, y’know. Think I’ve added enough to this clusterfuck of a thread. Nirvana - great, smashing pumpkins - great, the Beatles - great.


Nice try m9 :upside_down_face:


I preferred Lund when she was solving crimes in Denmark


i’m not pleased with him going on infowars, but lots of people have, noam chomsky, jon ronson, russell brand, guy from muse. I mean they are all bad for doing it, but it seems like it only sticks to corgan


While we’re on it, let’s spare a single post and a harsh rebuttal for Geffen’s completely overlooked St Johnny:

Look how happy they are.


Not all of them have gone on it to complain about ‘SJWs’ though


fair point, I just try and think of billy as a very damaged person


Because they are not in the top 10 greatest grunge albums of all time.

(Actually Vs in particular might be, but I prefer a bit of variation in a pointless and totally obsolete list such as this, and all three are already represented)


I was talking about the original run Corgan. 1988-2000 Corgan is decidedly not a prick despite how the media tried to frame him (and I’d extend that to 2008 - something happened in 2009 or so). He wrote all of the songs and played most of the parts on his albums and didn’t go out of his way to crap all over his own work in interviews and held his bandmates to professional standards and showed ambition - the horror! Meanwhile John Lennon was a wife beater and abusive father but for some reason gets a pass for it.

I’m not going to defend his going on Infowars. I do think years of being unfairly treated like shit by everyone - his parents, his peers, the media, his bandmates, critics - combined with mental illness has led him to where he is now. It’s reprehensible that he went on Infowars and he won’t be getting a dime out of me until he reveals it’s been a wrestling-style long play to gain Jones’ trust and humiliate him on live tv (not likely but I can dream) - but I think it’s less of a case of “he’s alt-right now” and more of a case of “he’s being a thoroughly misguided, willfully ignorant prick in an attempt to be contrarian.” I hate every second of it. Alex Jones is a disgusting human being and I’d trade in all future Corgan musical output for the man to crawl back into the toxic swamp from which he came.