Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


*Oranjes > Appels


Anyone remember these guys:

I never really got into grunge but I thought this was great when I was a kid. Then again I thought that CG Def Leppard music video that looked like something you’d see on fucking Catchphrase was incredible so whadda I know?!


It’s not like I’ve not heard the Beatles a lot though, I don’t think you have to like a band that influenced bands you like (for instance I don’t like joy division but I like bands they influenced a lot) and like I said who knows what things would be like without the Beatles, maybe music would be better and Corgan would have been influenced by someone better


Interpol are better than joy division




Has anyone said The Vines > Nirvana yet?


I always said the Carpenters were like a better My Bloody Valentine, no one ever listened.


Carpenters? You mean using a bandsaw? It does sound pretty MBV…


Was listening to this album just yesterday as a result of this thread


No they’re not


No because that would be ridiculous



Well it doesn’t get better than JSBX. But I wouldn’t mind hearing some Cramps-influenced Corgan.


I think they are


Still don’t really get this whole mentality, it’s like people are allowed to not like certain bands, but then saying a band they do like is better than the one they don’t like is crossing a line, like our personal opinions are supposed to defer to the mojo/Q magazine consensus.

Also think too much weight is given to innovation rather than craft, often the former is a confluence of factors, lots of people, technology etc the important thing is what they do with it which is why the influenced are often better than the influence, the Beatles failed to write a song that moves me and so are a lesser band to the one’s I like


D’you reckon it still holds up?! Were they considered a bit derivative? Don’t know where they stand in relation to canon. Another of that era that I still have a soft spot for is Headswim. Always thought they were a bit singular and outside of their time in some regards. Wouldn’t really consider them grunge but I guess they have some shared elements.


yeah. deerhoof are better than led zeppelin.


Loads better


I enjoyed it still, hadn’t aged as much as some stuff from that era to my ears. Have listened to the album hundreds of times though, so hard to have an objective opinion. Was always a bit cock-rock meets grunge, but probably one of the best examples of that.


To some people Nirvana/Pumpkins etc WERE their “Beatles”…innovative and life changing at the right time in their lives and so obviously are held in higher regard. Pumpkins were my gateway band so will always be held in highest regard (Beatles feel more like an artifact of history, important but always slightly out of reach as their cultural narrative didnt connect with a late 90s teen and so personally far less of a big deal)


AS IF people are letting this one slide :smiley: