Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


That’s a good song. I do need to try harder with their other albums and will take a real shot at it before issuing any formal hot takes. But so far they’ve struggled to hold my attention and they’re missing that certain electric quality that You’re Living All Over Me has. They’ve felt kind of “mid-tempo indie band who happen to have a guitar legend playing for them”, whereas if you listen to “Kracked” or “Sludgefeast” there’s so much explosiveness and focus and so many twists along the way. There’s an “oomph” to them, for lack of a better word right now.

I did enjoy his 2014 solo album a lot though. “Better Plane” especially is fantastic.


Try the whole of where you been?, if you haven’t already.


Can’t think of a better thread to put this.

The other day I was talking to my Polish colleague on IM and he said:

I tried to explain but it was pretty difficult. At least in part because I didn’t know myself, most song lyrics are incomprehensible out of context and lyrics are the least important part of any song for me.

In defence of the Corgan vocal style, I really like the way he says: “Spaceboy… I miss you!”


I think a lot of people think of dinosaur jr as two bands, the original line up and then green mind onwards, they’ve muddied that by reforming and the original line up playing songs they weren’t around for. Bug is nearly as good as YLAOM, their debut is a bit of a mess but has its moments (like quest). Post barlow, I like green mind it has a breezy sunny blue album vibe to it, where you been is great but a little dense and overproduced think it may have worked better as an acoustic album (like the martin and me solo album versions but done better) out there is particularly good, don’t like without a sound at all, really like hand it over a lot has a real sad end of band feel about it, I’m a sucker for falsetto vocals and think kevin shields made some weird sounds on it too.

best dinosaur jr songs by album




green mind

where you been

without a sound (don’t really have a favourite, just like how this one jumps right into a guitar solo at the beginning)

hand it over

bonus J Mascis and the Fog

can’t really vouch for the newer albums but they have seemed decent enough when I have listened to them, prefer the solo albums


Definitely the first time Mungo Jerry has ever been referenced in DiS (unless someone was referencing Dappy from N-Dubz’s Dad, who was in Mungo Jerry.)


I’ll think you’ll find that Sonic Youth did in fact write ‘Into The Groove’.


Love Hand It Over. ‘I’m Insane’, ‘Can’t We Move This’ and ‘Alone’ are three of my favourite Dinosaur Jr songs.


playing all these videos simultaneously sounds pretty good (and a bit like tales of a scorched earth weirdly)


Genius says

Zipper blues refers to a feeling one gets when they are constantly moving around and can’t settle in one place

Corgan uses this phrase to further portray the vibrant, frenetic energy of the youth while retaining the carefree nature with the force and delivery of the first line of the chorus.

Guess due to zip codes?


Nice one. I told him the guy was so apathetic he couldn’t even get annoyed about his trousers being broken.


Interesting (not interesting I guess). I hadn’t really put that 10 Million US albums sold thing in context for Mellon Collie but I recall Peter Gabriel’s album ‘So’ being this absolute MONSTER in the 80s yet

only 5M units shifted

Similarly Graceland

5 million.

Brothers in Arms only made it to 9 million

I mean 10 million is bigger than I ever really considered.

Turns out Appetite for Destruction go to 20 Million so there you go

Edit: I did check Nevermind and that got to 10 million too.


How many units did Thriller sell?


Had a feeling it was too old for reliable figures but then recalled that Back in Black somehow marked the start of good accounting.

Anyway, WIkipedia says 33,000,000 with a note “sales+streaming figures based on certification alone” which I can honestly say confuses the hell out of me. What?

I would always assume MJ’s sales were stratospheric, though. I mean I remember all the bland not-that-great singles he did in the 90s that still just slammed the top of the charts for weeks. Dude had a special talent.


It is still the best selling LP of all time though right?


No idea. Probably but I think there’s a whole “since records began” type caveat? South Pacific was number 1 for 2 years or something


Thriller was way before soundscan so the figures we have for it are utterly unreliable


Follow thw leader is their best album


Drown inSound


Including Follow The Leader, they’d be the best metal band of the last FORTY years


I was wondering when we were going to get into the real heat we’ve inevitably been building to:

Issues is KoRn’s best album