Why is Billy dressed like Emperor Palpatine?


Fuck no that was way later!






Loved Nirvana like every other 16/17yr old interested in guitars did.

But nothing they did really grabbed my nuts like the 1979 video or the Doom samples in XYU. BC is a tit but mid-nineties SP was a beautiful thing.


no idea why we can’t love the beatles and nirvana and the smashing pumpkins equally.


thats not how music works m8


Because two of those are great bands and the other is Smashing Pumpkins


haha this is an excellent burn even if i disagree




saw a post somewhere the other day about it being the anniversary of first green day album 39/smooth, reminded me it is like a better husker du


Green Day in general up until like Warning is a better Husker Du

(And, we are back)


does anyone have any thoughts on radiohead?


Never heard of 'em.



Which era, Shitpop or Aphex Twin covers band?



Jesus Jones rip-off merchants. Oh, you discovered electronica in 99, eh, Tohm? Mike Edwards invented that shit a decade earlier with Real, Real, Real.


Six By Seven > JJ72 > Radiohead > Coldplay > Muse


but Coldplay recorded the song “42”, which is six by seven. So how does that work? How can Coldplay be better than themselves?


Not familiar with the track, but I’d guess it was a tribute.


Because there MUST be a ranking and we MUST know who is best otherwise why are we even here


*On Earth I mean, not on DiS