Why is churchill on the £5?


Most of the rest of the people listed present and past seem worth celebrating.


I’m exchanging that cunt for a 4 pack of red stripe right now!




He’s our greatest insurance guy of all time you twat!


Because he singlehandedly won World War 2 without any external help whatsoever by kicking Jerry square in the pants, you cowardly Remoaner!


Because we’d all be Nazis if it wasn’t for Winston! Something something boer war genocide


Because of Operation Legacy, I guess.


Because of a good ol’ dose of populism. Apparently the ‘Greatest Briton ever’, if you believe the BBC’s survey from a few years back.


I don’t know why I said this, he just wasn’t very good.


Thread speeding toward peak DiS


Think blindly aggrandising the man despite his actions in places like Gallipoli reflects our ongoing baseless nationalism and militarism though tbf


I think poor education has led to invalidating churchill by removing the idea of merit on balance. All the hooligans quote him badly and it’s kind of stained someone who was flawed but arguably still helped in stopping something that was far worse






so he gets a pass for not being the worst person of his era?


Well yes, quite, but don’t you think it’s quite pertinent we keep celebrating over and over again the one moral victory Britain’s ever had in a time when we’re continually actively contributing to global instability? Because I don’t think it’s by mistake.


wow just wiki’d this, had no idea but it’s really not that surprising.


Yeah, it’s pretty awful, when all’s said and done.


I don’t really know much about him tbh


Are you alright, Bammers? Can we help at all?