Why is everyone wearing this brand of backpacks?


Kids today.




@plasticniki will have your guts for garters pal.

They’re like £70 odd or something daft like that too.





I was asked this exact question the other day. I just like it because of the fox.


Quite the bone of contention on #oldDiS


My housemate has one. They’re too small for me bit they seem like a solid enough bag.


still laughing at marckee’s post in that thread


Fucking Hell. I just got to it there.


Was he ill that day or something?


was just the first result on google for ‘rucksack’ that day


I think this may be a contender for the “doing them there” thread. Anyone agree?


so many bad posts.

Marckee’s obviously tops the lot, but then you’ve got HYG’s Jansport thing, and plasticnikkers telling everyone she’s now using a cycling bag.

Technical jackets too.


is that thread the first sighting of ‘technical jackets’ too?


It was a callback to something earlier in the day.

Never mind.


Technical Jacket
Nu Metal Shorts
Hermano’s Shoes

Any others?


Nah, that was at least five years before then.




That Jansport post from HYG was impressively bad. Didn’t remember it but that’s probably because I wiped it from my mind.


here he is!