Why is it considered a shitshow to post "self promotion" posts?

I wouldn’t consider it a shit show, or taboo as such. It’s more that 99.9999% of musical output is terrible, and people posting their latest hit on forums tend to be in that %
Not heard your stuff, maybe you’re amazing


Aye, that’s fair enough, the engagement part. But still, there’s a place for self promotion no? Even if it’s a newbie spouting? But if they post and move on and never return, it’ll just fall into oblivion and that’ll be that.

The problem is that if promotion posts are tolerated, even if they drop down the boards due to the lack of replies, we’ll end up with loads of them clogging up the front page.


If you contribute elsewhere it’s fine

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Fair and Valid point there, fair and valid point. If the average of bands promoting stuff is actually dogshit, then it loses it’s appeal in any form.

We’re not amazing, we’re alright, but not amazing. Hopefully not in the 99.9999% Who knows.

Football Manager 2019 comes out this Friday, 2nd of November for Mac and PC


That’s a fair point too, DiS has that as a feature, but many don’t.

Does it? Mint!

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This is a rather clever meta JAG


Not sure what a Meta Jag is, but it’s not that, it’s an honest question. We’ve not released anything for over a year as Life has gotten in the way of being in a band numerous times, I’m just curious is all. And, bored as fuck with the office job soooooooo.

Ha, best way of putting it!! Hahaha, I’ve always strived NOT to be THAT guy! I get that.

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I didn’t say I’d NEVER done it, I just said I strive to be NOT that guy. :slight_smile:

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Just suddenly got an urge to listen to the musical stylings of Super73. I wonder where I might be able to find their wares.

We had a song in-game for the startup for the first time ever last version…

There is no song in FM19 (out on Friday on blah blah blah)

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Because the music always Sux

Not sure what… Um… You say … Ok?


Haha, no you didn’t.

Please think of advertisers.

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There’s a specific forum for self-promotion etc.


People don’t like spam or adverts. Just as we never click on those adverts in Instagram so it doesn’t matter if they might be for really cool or useful things.