Why is it considered a shitshow to post "self promotion" posts?

Please think of advertisers.

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There’s a specific forum for self-promotion etc.


People don’t like spam or adverts. Just as we never click on those adverts in Instagram so it doesn’t matter if they might be for really cool or useful things.

Definitely a future bandname


Have you watched Monkey Up! yet?

Great topic! I love your style. You might also be interested in my blog about the same topic at…

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There’s a psychology to it I’m sure.

I’ve not watched it all no, but I did look at it for about 5 minutes… aaaaaaaand that was that.

You know what though… I actually might.

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No accounting for some people’s taste I suppose.

Haha, well… You can’t please all the people all the time. There’s a space for everyone, and all those other throwaway quotes :slight_smile:

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No song? I’m out.
Also is this a good place to mention I finally got OK at FM? PL champs 4 seasons in a row (keep bombing out in Europe though, and when I went on holiday my AssMan started fights with half my team and I had to sell Pogba, Herrera and Mata…)

(Never go on holiday if you want to keep your players happy)

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A lesson I have now learned through bitter experience, friend. (Also, don’t sell Martial, he ended up as CA 4.5 at PSG in my save).

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Sounds like a typical Thursday, and you have to watch those assmen.

Because this isn’t actually a music forum, it’s a dating website with music content to satisfy the advertisers.


What the hell’s happened to FM in the 5 years since I last played? It used to be about football, not pornography!



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He’s the team proctologist

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Oh well, in that case A/S/L?

F’kinell, showing my age.

You’re allowed to say fuck if you want to.