Why is it that GDPR doesn't apply to music PR companies or publicists?

I get multiple emails daily from different PR companies or labels artists and releases etc. but I’ve noticed that the vast majority have no “unsubscribe” option. These aren’t mailing lists I signed up for, these aren’t people I know in any way personally and these aren’t just fly-by-night chancers emailing a few Jags, they’re about major label artists.

It’s not a big deal, I have them all just go straight to spam, but I’m just curious as to why it is that despite every other industry pooping themselves about the implications of emailing someone something that’s not quite the content they agreed to receive that this industry seems to have made a collective decision not to care.

My assumption is it’s because they just don’t think anyone will be bothered enough to do anything about it, which is kinda what I thought would happen with all the GDPR stuff, but is it something else? Anyone here work / worked in that area know what I’m talking about?