Why is no-one talking about the big issues like

how Herman Dune only have the boring releases on streaming services after one of the brothers left the band?

Where’s Not On Top?

You could just listen to some of Andre / Stanley Brinks approx four hundred solo albums?

Reckon you’ll see more of this, stuff from relatively obscure bands released on small labels 10-15 years ago disappearing cos the label got wound up or just stopped.

My dream vanity project is to do a reissue label for stuff like that.

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Oh wait, a couple of them are there.

Not Not On Top though

Can you put Symposium & Midget on the list too?

Didn’t someone write a song called something like “Herman Dune were better when both brothers were in the band” or something?

The lack of Symposium on streaming services is a source of near-constant melancholy for me.


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