Why is pop music considered 'worse' than other forms?

So, I’m listening to 1989 by Taylor Swift which is a great sounding album with catchy hooks. It’s well produced and lyrically it’s okay.

This album would probably be considered inferior to a lot of other albums made by men with guitars or men behind keyboards or a rapper.

Why is pop music considered inferior? Insidious marketing? Because the singer/group don’t write the music?

1989 is pretty well loved on this site chief. Not sure there’s many here who consider pop music the worst of the genres.

There’s shitters in every genre and also Ska exists.


Suspicious thread.


How so?

I still encounter musical snobbery almost every day.

Regardless of genre fluidity.

Ryan Adam’s cover of the entire 1989 album was probably more acclaimed than Tay’s.

Amongst critics?

It was. But I remember Ryan’s getting more coverage in the ‘serious’ music press.

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I’m not MPBH. I’m sorry I’ve come into your private friends club and posted some threads you don’t like.

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Every other day is a stretch. But aye, I’ll ignore from hereon in

The people who dismiss it out of hand, the “it’s not real music!” crowd somehow tend to have rather naff taste themselves. As if being 14 and discovering Tool and Radiohead last week means they are now so above all these fake musicians with their autotune and teams of writers. If anything things seem to have shifted in the last decade or so, good pop is given due credit among even the snobbiest music critics. Pop has got markedly better over the years too in terms of quality of production across the board IMO (whatever people may think of the actual music).


I used to be like that in my teens now I couldn’t care less who writes the music.

There’s a strong argument that all music is pop music now anyway. Traditional ‘rock’ bands sequence their albums like a pop album and Ezra off Vampire Weekend is on Beyonce albums.

People take exception because it resembles an assembly line of sorts, and yes at it’s very worst I’d agree and it can get VERY fatigueing and irritating when a certain sound becomes this. But thats true of every genre, but as people are exposed to pop music more than yer Indie Rocks and Metals of this world people mostly associate it with Pop Music. As Pop music is always, by definition, whatevers popular right now its been stigmatised over decades of fads boiling music down to its purest elements.

But like EVERY genre there are shining examples but people dismiss them due to a pre ingrained bias. Saying its not ‘real music’ is very dismissive considering the music is often composed by very well regarded musicians. People shit on a song that takes a team of writers to make it, but in reality its no different to a band of people writing a song. Basically every argument against the merit of pop music can be countered, and often thrown back to ‘the elite’ of music.

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I think pop used to get a bad name, but things have changed. In the mid/late 80s you had rock stars, like Phil Collins, Sting, Dire Straits etc. who sold millions of records and they looked down on things like Culture Club, Kylie, PSBs etc - despite them releasing great records.
Same with Brit Pop to an extent, but at least most of those bands embraced dance music at the time, a lot of which was edited down in to pop records.

I love pop music but Taylor Swift is a bit cheese imo, she has the air of the charlatan about her.

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Neil Tennant described her as ‘the Margaret Thatcher of pop music.’


Also i kind of bristle at people complaining that pop music is the victim/underdog when it dominates the airwaves, which gives it all the meaningful advantages.


Haha that’s great. Good to hear there’s still a bit of the music critic in him.

Was useful to sell records. Helped make a group of listeners overly support ‘rival’ genres that didn’t sell so well by making them buy releases they might have otherwise ignored.

part misogyny part due to the fact that the charts are often flooded with bad pop people are less willing to engage with the good stuff